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Tax Refund Service

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What Is Tax Refund Service ?

In March 1985,the China’s State Council officially issued the notice to the Ministry of Finance “on collecting and refunding product tax or value-added tax on the import and export products”, and stipulated to apply tax refund policy on export products from April 1,1985.

Usually different product has different tax refund rate. If you entrust our company as your export agent in China, with the cooperation of the factory, we can help you to apply for tax refund from Chinese government which is up to 17%.


What Is The Process ?

★ STEP 1: Find the suppliers in China and confirm the order.

★ STEP 2: Appoint us as your Business Agent in China, we will calculate the tax refund if the order has.

★ STEP 3: Sign the Sales contract with the buyers, Meanwhile Sign the Purchase Contract with the Chinese suppliers.

★ STEP 4: Send the 30% of the deposit via our bank account to the Chinese suppliers to start the production.

★ STEP 5: When the goods is ready, send the balance via our bank to the Chinese suppliers for arranging the shipping.

★ STEP 6: We prepare all of the documents to export the goods from China to destination.

★ STEP 7: When finish the order, we will collect all of documents to apply for the tax refund from Chinese government.


What Can We Help You ?

♦ Tax refund service can help the international buyers reduce procurement costs and increase profits.

♦ Cooperate with our company, we can investigate the credit status of Chinese suppliers and reduce the transaction risk.

♦ With the tax refund money from China, overseas buyers can increase market competitiveness to gain more market share.


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