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Supply Finance Service

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What Is Open Account (O/A)

Payment ?

Open Account (O/A) payment is a method with the credits given for a certain period, without any special credit

guarantee procedures. It occurs when a seller ships the goods and all the necessary shipping and commercial documents directly to a buyer who agrees to pay the seller at a future date. Open Account is typically used between established and trusted traders.

The suppliers in China usually don’t accept the payment in 60 days, 90 days or even 120 days after shipping.

Cooperate  with us, we can help pay in advance of the payment , and ship the products to the destination.


What Is The Process ?

★ STEP 1: Do the credit investigation for the suppliers and the overseas buyers.

★ STEP 2: When the both parties pass the investigation, the buyers should offer us the confirmed PI.

★ STEP 3: According to the credit result of the buyers, we will offer the payment solution to buyers.

★ STEP 4: Sign the Sales Contract with the buyers and Purchase Contract with the suppliers.

★ STEP 4: When the order is ready, we will pay to the suppliers and arrange the ship from China to destination.

★ STEP 5: The buyers should pay us the money certain period according to the Sales Contract after shipping.


How Can We Help You ?

♦ TCF provides advance payment service to Chinese suppliers for the overseas buyers, so the buyers can receive the goods first then make the payment in certain period ,like 60 days, 90 days or even 120 days after shipping. We help buyers relieve capital pressure and turnover problem.

♦ TCF provides buyers with advance payment without any mortgage, guarantee or recessive consumption. With low interest rate, quick loan, it helps overseas buyers solve the capital problems.

♦ TCF can pay up to 90% of the contract amount in advance for the overseas buyers.